Tennis Tournament

Tennis tournaments are organized but a number of factors like age, gender and number of players. They can be organized for woman only, men only, woman’s doubles, men’s doubles or mixed singles or doubles. Age games will allow for players of similar age and build to compete against each other. This allows for fairness across the matches. Junior tournament examples include the Orange Bowl and Les Petits As.

Players with physical disabilities are also taken into account and are not excluded from playing tennis. These types of matches are organized accordingly. Examples of these matches are wheelchair tennis and tennis for the hearing impaired. Each country will have their own Tennis events that will allow the locals to match against each other. This allows for the country to determine who their best for international games and the Olympics. Most countries have the same names for their events but just add their countries name to the title. Examples would be the South Korean Davis Cup, the Seoul Tennis Tournament, Indian Wells Masters, Miami Open, Madrid Open etc.

The main international events are the Grand Slam events, the Australian Open, which is usually in the Month of January and takes place in Melbourne Australia. This is an annual event that was first held in 1905. This tournament holds all events to try and determine ultimate winners. The French open which takes place in May-June in Paris France. This event is also an annual event that is held over a two-week period. Wimbledon which takes place in June-July in London Uk. This is the oldest Tennis tournament and is widely considered to be the most prestigious. The dress code of this event is very strict and a tradition of eating strawberries and cream by the spectators happens every year. An interesting fact about Wimbledon is that is never any advertising around the courts. The US Open which takes please in August-September in New York City USA. This tournament is probably the most modern of all four and is the most attended. It is organized by the United States Tennis Association which is non-profit organization. All sales of tickets are used to promote tennis is the country. All of the winners of each event will win a title of the event, trophy and a large sum in prize money.

Team tournaments are the Davis Cup which is for male players, the fed cup which is only for female players and The Hopeman cup which is for both male and female players. The Davis Cups is the international team event in men’s tennis whereas the Fed Cup is the international team event in woman’s tennis. Both are organised by the International Tennis Federation and are contested annually by teams in a knock out format. It is described at the World Cup of Tennis. The Hopeman’s Cup is not as prestigious however has gotten a lot of attention over the years by supporter’s.

Junior international Tennis Federation grade A events are Abieerto Juvenil Mexicano, Copa Gedau (Porto Algre Junior Chamopships), Trofeo Bongfiglio (Italian Open), Osaka Mayors Cup and Orange Bowl.