Tennis Equipment

The equipment to play tennis is fairly simple. The player will need a racket and tennis balls. Tennis can be played anywhere at any time. The appeal for tennis comes from the simplicity of the equipment is. Professional tennis players use great quality equipment to aid them when playing and which is designed for especially for playing professionally.

The first tennis rackets used where wooden tennis rackets and these were in the 1920’s. How a tennis racket is made up includes a handle which is called a grip and is joined to the neck. The roughly oval frame holds a series of tightly pulled strings. Rackets from that period were made of wood and were of a standard size. The strings were made of animal gut. As time moved forward, laminated wood construction produced more power in rackets. The composites of ceramics, lighter metals like titanium and carbon graphite were created. The rackets that had this strength allowed for more power in use. As technology advanced, synthetic strings were used and the feel of the gut allowed for better durability.


There are certain requirements and guidelines that a racket must adhere to under the rules of tennis which say that the area that is used to hit must have strings, has to be flat and usually uniform in structure. The frame of the racket has to be 29 inches by 12.5 inches. The racket must be of the correct size, a fixed shape, and weight. There is to be no source of energy built into the rackets.

In order to advertise a company’s brand, for example, Wilson, Head, and Babolat, they would become sponsors for the players in the hopes it will spread their name. Most of these companies manufacture their own rackets.

The original tennis ball was made of strips of cloth that was stitched together with thread. The ball was stuffed with feathers. Tennis balls used today are made of hollow vulcanized rubber that has a felt coating over it. The color of the tennis ball, optic yellow, allows for better reflectiveness. Tennis balls must conform to certain criteria. The weight, size, the bounce, and deformation need to be permitted for play. The diameter of the ball needs to be 65.41-68.58 mm and they must weigh between 56.0 and 59.4 grams.

The more advanced a player is they more they will want to improve their performance by using a number of accessories. This may aid the player during a game for different reasons. Racket handles may be modified according to the players requests with an absorbent or rubber material to help with the players’ grip and absorb sweat. Players have sweat bands which they keep on their wrists to help keep their hands dry. Bandanas or Headbands are used to keep their sweat from falling in their eyes and hair off their face. A player can play in whatever footwear they choose but they can choose specialized tennis shoes. They have flat, wide soles for stability.