Tennis Academies

Tennis academies are set up all over the world. Their purpose is to ensure the raw but visible talent of the people who would like to attend is nurtured and groomed. Their managerial, educational, and academic, knowledge has allowed students set higher standards.

Each year an academy welcomes many players from up to 25 years in age who have a common goal to grow, learn and attend a tennis academy. A developed set of skills towards listening, training, challenges and the desire for efficiency are what the academics desires as well as the students.

The coaches generally are committed, passionate as well as demanding. They challenge themselves daily in order to offer the best solutions to support and coaching to the players. The program at the academy needs to enable the harmonious combination of intense training, school curriculum, and tournaments.

A typical week at an academy will ensure students get their full potential out with continuous practice. Attending school will be mandatory while practice and physical training is an everyday routine. Students at the academy will have to push themselves very far leaving very little free time for socializing.

There is no specific path for someone who wants to be a champion at tennis. The correct amount of training and practice will assist with achieving this goal. If someone has the skill and desire to go pro it is not always an easy decision to make. Factors like methods, location, size, costs, accommodation and age group need to be taken into reflected when facing this type decision. The methods used by the academies may vary according to what the player’s needs, wants and talents are.

Sanchez-Casal Tennis Academy

The Sanchez-Casal Tennis Academy, created by Emilio Sanchez Vicario and Sergio Casal, is located in Barcelona, Spain. It is now in Florida, USA as well. It is not for tennis and sports but also offers an educational syllabus for the tennis students.

Gorin Tennis Academy

Gorin Tennis Academy

Gorin Tennis Academy which is situated in the Northern part of California, was created by Vitaly Gorin. The programs for the year offer training that develops better techniques for the players.

Good To Great Tennis Academy

Good To Great Tennis Academy, managed by Mikael Tillstrom, Magnus Norman and Nicklas Kulti,are all former tennis stars, is located in Sweden. The tennis players who went to this academy and are known in the world are Grigor Dimitrov and Stanislas Wawrinka.

Evert Tennis Academy

Evert Tennis Academy

Evert Tennis Academy, based in Florida, is owned by Chris Evert’s and operates on the ideals of a small scale training environment. As an institution, it prides itself on focusing towards training and strength as well as proper mental coaching, education, nutrition for players.

Mouratoglou Tennis Academy

Mouratoglou Tennis Academy was created by Patrick Mouratoglou. Mourtiglou has coached many of the largest stars in the sport of tennis including Serena Williams.