Tennis is a competition between two opponents to see who can beat the other in skill, moves, and wit. Traditionally the game is played between two players who opposed each other on the court. This is the most traditional way to play tennis. Most players prefer this method and the awards won and titles given are more prestigious. A player is always able to control themselves and work on their weakness. It is more difficult to do when doubles are played. Every player has strengths and weakness. Sometimes working in doubles pays off as players learn over time to work with their partners.


In singles tennis two opponents fair off against each other and are usually matched in gender, age and experience. The server and receiver is decided by a coin toss and the service will then alternate between games. The server gets to starts the game from the baseline that is between the sideline and the centre mark. The receiver is allowed to start basically from anywhere on their own side of the net.

Doubles are played by two sets of players on a team. More often than not, doubles are played by either men or woman in an all men or woman game. Doubles utilize a wider court than in a singles match. After each point player change positions on the receiving end, one at the net and the other on the baseline. Service is required to rotate between all players and alternate between the players in each team. No player can serve consecutively. The server in doubles can serve from along the baseline or anywhere behind from the sideline or the centre mark on the team’s side of the court. All Four Grand Slam tournaments do have matches which cater for doubles matches as well and doubles have their own tournament where the winners are given the title of the Hopemen Open


Mixed doubles are played as the same as doubles but with one woman and one man pair per team. This way of playing tennis is not common as most games are organised separately. Other variations of doubles are the Canadian doubles which requires three players. This is a two on one competition where two players are on one side of the court and one player on the other. The double players boundaries are like that of the singles player and the single players boundaries are like that of the doubles. Three sets are played and each player must play singles in at least one set. Typical tennis rules and guidelines are still enforced although this type of tennis has a twist. The winner is decided by which player wins the most of match played games.

Doubles played in the Australian tournaments also involves three players with two players being on one side of the court and one being on the other. The difference is that players rotate after every game giving each player an opportunity to be on the single side every third game. Scoring is determined prior to the game on how the points can be attained and how. Most games adopt the Canadian version but some games do decide on their own way of scoring.