A player will accumulate points and the game is won when the first player wins a total of four points and when it is two more points than their opponent. Points are defined in a particular manner from 0 to 3 and are labeled as “love”, “fifteen”, “thirty”, and ‘forty”. In the circumstance where both players have scored as an equal number of points and each of the players have score three points each, this is called a ‘deuce’. In the case where the score is three points each and a player has one more point, this is referred to as an ‘’advantage’. The score is always spoken out starting with the serving player first. Eg: “thirty-love”.


Every Tennis game will have an umpire who referees the game. Their purpose is to ensure all rules are followed, points are awarded, faults are recognized and will then announce the winner of the game with the overall score. A set is referred to as a number of games played with the service and the end of the game is when the winner is determined after meeting certain requirements. A set is won when a player has won 6 games plus it is at least two games more than their opponent. In the event where the there is only one game difference between the two opponents, another game is played. Should the leader from the players win the additional game, they win the set but if the trailing player wins the additional game, the player will play a tie-break game which has a different set of rules. This game will allow the player to play 1 more game and the winner of the game will win the set. It may happen that an opponent does not win any of the games and the final score would then to be called a love-set game.

A match is a sequence of sets. The system used is the best of three or the best of five. At the French Open, the Australian open, the Olympic Games, Wimbledon, the FedCup and the Davis Cup tie-breaks are not played which would mean that sets are played until one player has a two point lead. This may lead to very long matches. In a tournament the umpire will use the well-known phare – “game, set, match” when the winner is announced at the end of a match.

Game point is a term used when a player who is leading the game requires only additional more point to win. A break point is used when the receiver has a chance to win the game with the next point. Serving is usually considered advantageous and when the receiver has a score of one (30-40), two (15 to 40) or three (love to 40) has a double break point, break point or a triple break point to win the game. If the receiver wins the break point it is referred to as converted. Should the receiver fail to win the break point the term used is “failure to convert”. Should the receiver win the match, it is referred to as “breaking serve”.