Men and woman have played tennis separately since the invention of the game. The general rules of the game are the same for both men and woman and all players need to adhere to those rules. Over the years men and woman have competed against each other in tennis however due to the physical differences between the two, men have some advantages and in turn, the sport has been kept mostly separate. Double matches are played between the sexes, for example, men vs woman or mixed with one gender of each on each side, and from time to time a match is organized between the genders. These matches are usually at the request of the players to challenge the skills that they have against one another.

There are a number of high profile matches of tennis played by men and women. Tilden vs Lenglen is one of these high profile matches. These 2 are the giants of the 1920’s played a match that ended with Will Tilden winning against Suzanne Lenglen to love. Bobby Riggs vs Margaret Court is the most revered tennis game of the sexes that happened in 1973. Bobby Riggs beat Margaret Court the match in May 1973, the final score totaled 6-2. 6-1 and Karsten Braasch versus the Williams Sisters in the Australian Open in 1998. The sisters Serena Williams and Venus Williams believed that they could win against men outside the world’s top 200 ranks. The contest was challenged by Karsten Braasch, who was a German player ranked number 203. He crushed Serena, 6-1, and Venus, 6-2.

There are different tournaments that are held for men and woman. The U.S. National Men’s Singles Championship, called the US Open now, held in 1881 for the first time at the Newport Casino, Rhode Island. The United States National Women’s Singles Championships was held in 1887 for the first time in Philadelphia. These events are still played until today and hold very prestigious titles for the winners.

The Davis Cup is a yearly competition between male national teams and this event dates back all the way to 1900. The similar matches for women, like the Fed Cup for female national teams, were established in 1963 and the Federation Cup has already celebrated its 50th anniversary of the founding of the International Tennis Federation. On the professional circuit, men will play matches of the best-of-five-sets at all four Grand Slam tournaments, the final of the Olympic Games, the Davis Cup, and best-of-three-set matches at all other tournaments. Women will play matches of the best-of-three-sets at all the tournaments.

Games that can be played by both men and women are singles or doubles. Single games are played by two players against each other. Doubles are four players where two players are on a team against the other two. This can be in the case of both being woman and both being men or one person each from the opposite sex. Winning the singles matches prize money is worth a lot more than doubles, therefore, most players prefer to play the singles vs the doubles.