Lee Hyung-Taek 1

Lee came from humble beginnings in a village in South Korea in the Hoengseong County which is known as a potato farming village. A school teacher of Lee’s shows him how to play tennis and the began playing at the age of nine. After that, he fell in love with the game and decided to become a professional. In his career, he has won 1 singles title and was ranked number 36 in the world during his career. Once he retired, he decided to open his academy called the Tennis Academy of Lee Hyung Taik which is open in the Province of Gangwon.

Lee Hyung-Taek

His career took off in the US Open tournament in 2000 and world then knew who he was. He lost in the 4th round to Pete Sampras. Lee beat Jeff Tarango, Franco Squillari, as well as Rainer Schüttler. He made his country extremely proud and put them on the map in the tennis world. He was certainly one that was taken note of.

Thereafter at the Adidas International in Sydney in 2003 he was the first Korean in history to be victorious in the ATP Tour singles as well as the doubles titles. He did this by being victorious at the singles event as well as the doubles event that was held in San Jose at the Siebel Open. He partner for the doubles was Belarusian Vladimir Voltchkov. Lee was ultimately defeated by Roger Federer Wimbledon in his first round.

Lleyton defeated Lee in the 2nd round of Wimbledon in 2006 in five sites which included 3 tie breakers. He had set points in the 3rd set but due to an incorrect line call, he lost. Lee won the forth set however the call lost him the entire match.

Lee was in the 4th round of the US Open tournament in 2007. In the 1st round, Lee beat Dominik Hrbatý after playing five sets. Lee then played against Guillermo Cañas and beat him in 3 sets. She then needed to face Andy Murray in the 3rd round and managed a very quick 2 set advantage over Murray which won him the game in 4 sets. Lastly played against Nikolay Davydenko in the forth. He defeated Lee in 3 sets.

The US Open Series in 2007 Lee made it to the semifinals in Los Angeles at the Countrywide Classic. He also made it to the Indianapolis Tennis Championships as well as the Legg Mason Tennis Classic. Lee set his own best scores in a few categories which included matches won and money earned. He won record of 25 matches. Lee has records of 5-5 on clay, 16-15 on hard, 1-0 on carpet and 3-3 on grass. Lee was ranked in August at no 36 in singles in the world.

After the 2008 season, Lee then fell out of the Top 100. Lee did, however, make it to the 4th round of Indian Wells where he beat Jarkko Nieminen, David Ferrer, and Michaël Llodra. Lee played one last time for Korea in 2009 at the Davis cup. The then advised every one of his retirement pro tennis. Lee won the match 3-2.