The Korea Open

The Korea Open is a women’s tennis event held in South Korea in Seoul for professional tennis players. This event has been held here since 2004. This international Woman’s Tennis Association Tour event and the game competes on the outdoor hardcourts of Seoul Olympic Park Tennis Centre. There have been a few infamous matches that have taken place at these events which have allowed these players to become known by the world. The Korea open is currently part of the Woman Tennis Association Tournament of Champions.

The Korea Open1

At the end of a season in tennis, there is a tournament call the Woman Tennis Association Tournament of Champions for the players who did not qualify for the championship but did win one of the Woman’s Tennis Association International events. This started in Nov 2009 at Bali International Convention Centre to be part of the WTA event. The first event held 12 women in singles round format, which is 4 groups of 3 players followed by single-elimination semi-finals and lastly a final. The prizes are money and an opportunity chance to earn a bonus for the qualified who won 3 or more international events. The second event allowed for an 8 woman draw with the players having 1 opportunity to reach the semi-finals. The women who were left would then compete for places 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

In 2009 the event allowed for the 10 played with the highest rank who had at least one international tournament under their belt during the year and did not participate in the singles at the end of the year WTA Tour Championships. Doha in 2009 had qualified as well as 2 wild cards. In 2010 the requirements were that the top 8 ranked women would qualify for the event. The event allows for competitors to be replaced with wildcards of their choice if they chose to do so.

The Woman’s Tennis Association Tournament of Champions previously took place in Bali from the start of the event in 2009 until 2011. The event has moved since 2012 to Sofia in Bulgaria. The Event will be changed to the Woman’s Tennis Association Elite Trophy. This singles event will show a 4 group round robin event which will consist of players from rank 9 to 19 in the world as well as 1 wildcard. Semifinals and the final will follow. The event will include a doubles event with 6 teams divided into two groups thereafter a final.

The first event of the Woman’s Tennis Association Elite Trophy was held in Nov 2015 and it will be hosted by China in Zhuhai for the next 5 years until 2019. The event replaces the Woman’s Tennis Association Tournament of Champions due to this event being much smaller. The choice to change the championship is to try and make to bigger. The way the event is structured, it will feature 12 players who are ranked between 9 and 19. 11 players and one wild card. The players will be divided into 4 groups of 3 and the group winners advancing to the single elimination at the semi-finals. Doubles will have 6 teams of groups with the groups competing for the final.