Tennis is a widely loved and played sport. People play the sport for fun or recreational purposes or can decide to become professional sportsmen/woman and make a career out of it. There are many various reasons why people love the game of tennis and why they play the game.

Tennis has a long history and the reason why it appeals to people of all groups and ages is because it is a simple game to learn and enjoy. Becoming a professional in the field does mean that that person has to take it seriously, follow the rules, train hard and continuously build themselves. It is, after all, their bread and butter.

The game can be a stress reliever. Being on the court, sweating it out, hitting the tennis balls and running up and down the court can all the frustrations that have built up to just be released. The amount of endorphins in the system increases, levels of anxiety are lowered, sleep is better, relax, and it stops a person from over thinking about daily stress. It’s also a confused exercise. The game keeps the player on their feet and moving constantly so it gives the player a full body workout and keeps them fit.

A lot of people love playing doubles in tennis due to the teamwork, but tennis has always been attractive mostly because it is an individual sport. The achievement of winning and be successful feels is tremendously satisfying.

Tennis is the kind of sport that that affects many aspects of the mental, the physical and the technical. All three are important one cannot exist without the other 2. It is not a simple game. To become successful at the game of tennis, the player will need to try and ensure he has grasped all three of them.

Being a tennis player comes hand in hand with being competitive. Being able to compete and to fight it out, to play the best tennis that can be played is what drives people in this game. The fire of competitiveness is what makes this sport so fun.

It’s a culture. People either enjoy it or they don’t. The game of tennis is known across the world and is enjoyed regardless if it is played or watched. Tennis is any culture and it understood across the world. It is American, French, British, Korean. This game is a lifestyle that is very happily lived by those who enjoy it.

Life lessons can be learned through this sport. A player can move through every emotion inside them from the moment the game starts to the moment the game ends anger, joy, ecstasy, hatred, euphoria, loathing, nerves, frustration, happiness, anxiety, passion, fire among others. It can be the teacher of perseverance, humility, hard work, graciousness, and anger management whether in victory or in loss. The game of tennis can be rewarding and maddening at the same time.

It creates that feeling. The number one reason the game is played is when a perfect crosscourt forehand when a bomb of a serve is served or crushing the huge winner with a well-timed shot. It creates a feeling that cannot be explained, it needs to be felt.